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I Peruvian multi-disciplinary artist, designer, and creative currently living in NYC.

All About Me

Eight years ago, I relocated to the United States after having grown up in Peru. I attended California College of the Arts, majoring in a hybrid program where I blended Installation art, sculpture, and printmaking. I moved to NY in 2020 for a postgraduate degree in computer graphics. Since then, I've been designing websites, graphics, and other digital products while pursuing my passion as a creative. As an artist, it's essential for me always to stay versatile. I love to push my boundaries by experimenting with different materials and mediums, such as painting, ceramics, and installation art.


My artwork is focused on simplicity, color, and a feminine, flowy aesthetic. Additionally, I am interested in designing wearable accessories, apparel, packaging, visual merchandising, and printed art. My passions extend beyond art, as I deeply connect to animals, community, wellness, women's empowerment, dancing, sex education, water bodies, and exploring my inner self and the world.

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